The Effects Of A Release In Michigan

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The Effects Of A Release In Michigan Without An Attorney

It you have been injured and have not hired an attorney, the insurance company may try to settle the case with you. Often times they will tell you not to get an attorney or try to get you to take money in exchange for a release. You may think this is a good idea, but actual it is not. Hiring a lawyer is documented to get you more money. This is true even though the attorney takes a percentage of the recovery. It has been shown in studies that even after the attorney fee you will net more money by hiring an attorney than what the insurance company will offer you without one. Also, consider this before you sign a release without an attorney. Many times the insurance company presents a release which releases everyone and anyone or contains language which releases a lot more than you bargained for. Michigan law allows an insurance company to have you sign a release which not only releases the party they represent, but also parties that they don't represent.


The Effects Of A Release In MIchigan With An Attorney.

If you have hired an experienced Personal Injury Attorney, they can make the proper changes to the release so that the release does not release parties that the insurance company does not represent. An experienced personal injury attorney can make sure that the release does not extinguish future No-Fault benefits that you are not settling. That the release does not release other potential defendants that are not even involved in the case yet. The Michigan Court of Appeals has upheld broad releases where parties that were not even involved in the case yet were released. They have also allowed parties in the case that were not settling to be released in a broad release by one party. An experienced injury attorney can prevent this from happening by limiting the release to only the party settling and only the part of the case that should be settled.

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