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The DUI Guide: DUI Evidentiary Breath Test Devices (The New DataMaster)

Posted by attorney David Jolly
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Published with permission from the book, DUI/DWI: The History of Driving Under the Influence, David N. Jolly. Outskirts Press (2009)

The DUI Guide: DUI Evidentiary Breath Test Devices

The New DataMaster “DMT"

In 2004 National Patent Analytical Systems began marketing a modernized version of the standard DataMaster. This new device, DataMaster Transportable (DMT) evolved from the standard DataMaster and in many respects operates similarly yet contains a variety of new features and updates. The DMT comes with a new user interface, internal circuitry, CPU, sample chamber size and naturally, software. The device is also smaller in size and the metal case contains fewer openings, thereby theoretically removing the possibility of radio frequency waves interfering with test results, although quietly admitting that the older (but still used) DataMaster may be prone to RFI.

The new DMT and the older DataMaster differ in many significant ways. The new DMT uses newer computer technology, a full color touch screen graphics LCD display, can operate on 90 to 240 VAC, or from a 12 VDC power source which allows for mobile applications, permits voice commands, has a bar code reader/scanner, is USB Capable, has external or screen operated keyboard, a 1000 test storage capability (more with memory expansion), has a wet bath or dry gas simulation, and has a single point calibration and temperature controlled simulator and breath tubes.

With all of the advances promised by the DMT it is rather surprising to learn that few jurisdictions have considered ordering the new technology to replace the old. Perhaps the reason is money. It would be very costly to purchase the new machinery on mass and even more expensive to train all the officers and technitions to operate and maintain it.

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