The Defender’s Voice: Weekly Roundup March 17-21

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This week on The Defender’s Voice, we discuss St. Patrick’s Day DUIs, Arizona’s medical marijuana laws, a PA teen charged with murder, juvenile vandalism charges, and the effects of probation on gun rights in AZ.


Hundreds of DUIs over St. Patty's Weekend in Arizona

Were you one of the 212 people arrested for a DUI over the 2014 St. Patrick's Day weekend in Arizona? If so, the DUI lawyers at JacksonWhite can help, regardless of whether or not you live in another state. Read the full blog here:


Medical Marijuana is Changing AZ's Laws on Weed

After the passing of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, AZ's laws regarding weed have become a bit hazier. Who can and cannot possess marijuana, and how exactly people can legally interact with the drug has changed. Read more here:


PA Teen Accused of Murder

Pennsylvania teenager Jordan Brown is accused of murdering his dad's pregnant fianc? when he was just 11-years-old. Brown, currently in a juvenile detention center, is waiting to see if the PA Supreme Court will grant him a new trial. See the full post here:


Vandalism Charges in Arizona

Vandalism is one of the most common juvenile crimes in Arizona, and though kids may find it humorous to deface property, they may not know that it can be a felony offense depending on how much damage is incurred. Read the full blog here:


Can I possess firearms in AZ if I'm on probation for a misdemeanor in another state?

Unless the conviction is related to a domestic violence charge, a misdemeanor should not prohibit someone from possessing firearms in Arizona, regardless of where the charge was given. Read more here:

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The Defender's Voice: March 17-21, 2014

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