The 3 Reasons it is Smart to Retain Legal Counsel If You Have Been Injured in a Car Accident


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You Will Receive More Money

According to authors Richard A. Derrig and Herbert I. Weisberg, auto claims asserted by attorneys settle for an average of fifty percent higher than claims asserted by non-attorneys. (Determinants of Total Compensation for Auto Bodily Injury Liability Under No Fault; Investigation, Negotiation and the Suspicion of Fraud, Insurance and Risk Management, vol. 71, Jan. 2004, pp 633-662.) Attorneys negotiate for a living, they know the personal injury market, and since they represent injured people for a contingent fee, they are monetarily incented to settle injury claims for as high as possible. Also, insurance companies know that when an attorney is involved in a claim, it could end up costing the company a lot more if the case ends up in court. Hiring an attorney will therefore ADD (not subtract) significant value to your claim.


You Will Do Less Work

Your time is your most valuable asset. Why clutter up your day dealing with insurance adjusters and auto body shops? Retaining a law firm to handle your auto claim means that you can focus on healing from your injuries, spend your time the way you want to spend it, and go back to doing the things that matter most to you, like being with your family, reading, exercising or spending time generating revenue in your business or at your job. It always makes sense to delegate tasks that are done better by others, thereby freeing yourself to pursue more productive or rewarding activities. By delegating the red tape and hassle of your insurance claim to a law firm, you get back the most valuable thing you lost in the accident: Your time.


Your Claim Will Be Handled Correctly

Some things are better left to experts. If you are not mechanically inclined, you should not attempt to re-build your car's engine. Likewise, if you are not a lawyer, you should not attempt to negotiate and settle your own bodily-injury liability claim. If done incorrectly, you could settle your claim for far below its fair market value, and you could end up actually owing money to subrogation companies, healthcare providers, insurers or in some cases, the federal or state government. An attorney is required to resolve all aspects of your claim, such as lien reimbursement and governmental payer issues, that if left unresolved, could cost you significant amounts of money far into the future.

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