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Texas Transport Service Shut Down

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Rasansky

Demco Express and Demco Trans, Inc. have been ordered to shut down by the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. According to a report in, the Texas carrier was shut down due to representatives of the agency discovering safety violations that they stated posed an imminent hazard to public safety, according to the report.

The report states that safety investigators found falsified drivers records and duty status, did not properly drug test employees before allowing them to drive and that it allow drivers to continue on driving vehicles after their licenses had been suspended, revoked or disqualified. The article states that, at the time the investigation was conducted, a Demco driver who had four active suspensions on his license was still driving.

Federal and state agencies do have the power to shut down trucking firms when they prove to be dangerous. This particular firm was shut down on May 30, 2012. The report quoted a representative of the agency that shut the trucking firm down as warning companies to adhere to safety regulations or be shut down themselves.

Dangerous Trucking Firms

There are very complex and detailed federal and state regulations that trucking and transportation firms have to follow. These regulations exist to keep everybody on the road safe. The vast majority of trucking firms are very professional, take every reasonable measure to ensure that their drivers are qualified and competent and make certain that all of their equipment is up to every single safety standard demanded of it. There are, however, also plenty of firms out there that do not live up to these standards.

Every year, a disturbing number of drivers report falling asleep behind the wheel, being asked to drive long after the point of exhaustion and beyond what is legally allowed and, in some cases, using controlled substances to stay awake behind the wheel. When you take this kind of behavior and add the weight of an 18 wheeler to it, there is a real problem.

If you have been injured by a commercial driver who was negligent or who was driving for a firm that was negligent, be certain to contact an attorney. Sometimes, these firms have enough money to offer you a settlement right away. Don't take this. Speak to a truck accident attorney first and see if they are actually trying to offer you a fair settlement or if they're just trying to pay you off to avoid having to go to court.

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