File a Petition for a Temporay Protective Order and request "Ex Parte" Relief

If you or someone close to you has suffered physical abuse, threats, or intimidating behavior, you can get a temporary protective order (TPO) from a judge to protect you. The Temporary Protective Order is a civil legal order that forbids the person named in the order from coming near or attempting to contact you or your family. After filing for a TPO a hearing will be scheduled within thirty days for the judge to decide if he will enter a long-term protective order. At this hearing, you must present your case in order to have the long-term protective order granted.


What Happens at the Temporary Protective Order hearing

At the hearing, the Judge will listen to the facts about the prior acts of violence that you have been subjected to, as well as other witnesses who you may have available to testify. After listening to the facts, the Judge will make a ruling and can extend the Protective Order for a period a 12 months and even give the protected party exclusive use of vehicles or the residence.


What Happens if the Protected Parties Order is Violated?

If the person named in the order violates the order, the police can arrest him or her, and that person can be charged with a felony.