Tell Your Doctor Everything About Your Injuries and Follow the Doctor's Advice

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Make Sure to Tell Your Doctor About All of Your Injuries

Keep a pocket calendar or a notepad and write down your symptoms when you have them. When you go to the doctor, you'll have a list to share. Tell your doctor about: pain, nausea, headaches, dizziness, numbness, missed work, inability to do things you did before you were hurt, etc. Whatever you do not tell your doctor will not be in your records.


Keep Track of How Your Injury has Changed What You Can Do

Make a list of the things you used to like to do. Walk the dog, ride a bike, play catch with your kids, etc. Tell your doctor what you used to do and what you cannot do now. Ask your doctor how they can help you get better.


Follow Your Doctor's Advice and Tell the Doctor What's not Working

Go to the specialists your doctor refers you to see. Tell the Specialists about all of your injuries and symptoms (just like you told your doctor). Get treatment from the specialists. Go to physical therapy, chiropractor, massage therapy, or whatever type of treatment your doctors recommend. Tell your doctor (or the specialist) what works and what does not work. Give the doctor details about whether the treatment makes things better or worse. Ask for ideas on how to get better.

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