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Super Beer Could Spell DWI Trouble - by Investigator Bubba Cates

Posted by attorney James Balagia
Filed under: DUI defense

Many new beers from Europe have been introduced to U.S. consumers over the years A new beer has been developed in Europe that will be introduced in the U.S. The plans are to launch an advertising campaign during the summer of 2010 and then start selling the beer shortly thereafter. This would not normally be big news. What makes this new beer unique is that it will contain 32% alcohol. Yes, 32%!! That is approximately 6 times the alcoholic content of the great majority of beers on the market in the U.S. today! Friends, if you drink just one of these SUPER BEERS and immediately leave the bar and get into your vehicle and drive, you are going to have a BIG problem if stopped by the cops!! Nowadays, if you are stopped by the DWI cops and they smell alcohol on your breath, rest assured you are going to be arrested for DWI. The Field Sobriety Tests are just a "dog and pony" show that are captured on the officer's video camera inside his police unit. The only reason for these tests, contrary to what the officer tells you, is to gather evidence against you. Plain and simple. End of story. Drinking one of these SUPER BEERS is the equivalent of drinking a six pack. If you drink one of these 32% beers in 20 minutes that is like consuming a 6 pack of your favorite beer! Think about it. If you drink two of these beers...forget about are toast!! Bubba Cates - DWIDUDE Investigator

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