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Keeping it simple-select three or four simple themes, at most, and hammer these points to the jury

The KISS rule certainly applies to jury trials - keep it simple stupid. in a jury trial should select three or four simple themes, at most, and hammer these points to the jury throughout the trial, again and not suggesting that counsel should underestimate the intelligence of a jury - simply that they know how to communicate with six people taken at random. Experts say they should apply lessons learned in the other high-profile corporate fraud cases of the Enron era: Keep it simple.radically streamline the case. point out that many of the prosecution witnesses have a vested interest. Here's an incredibly easy technique you can use to ensure you never lose a case because you omitted an essential element of your case: The Checklist!rather than risking an oversight, prepare the checklist while your mind is calm


Authenticity and the the jury

Establishing witness likability. the credibility of expert witnesses in jury trials is often more dependant on likability than any other factor, including technical competence. How something is said by a witness during a jury trial is often as important as what he/she said. The ideal way to determine if a witness is coming across in a likable manner with jurors is through jury simulations and jury focus groups. Effective communication on an individual or small group basis requires establishing proper eye contact between the parties involved. Once involved in any litigation, whether as a party or a witness, the normalcy of day-to-day life changes whenever anyone is in the presence of others involved in the litigation.The witness, even on his or her own turf, is guarded, assumptive, and often skeptical of the whole process. An assessment of how the witness communicates under normal, every-day circumstances, with family, friends and even strangers, is essential to capturing and capitalizi


Jury trial strategy trial themes

When you develop a powerful case theme, you give the jurors a lens through which they will view the evidence in your case.Mapping out trial strategy is the most important part of a jury research project. One of the biggest challenges in preparing a complex case for trial is choosing the central theme upon which your case will be based.It is important to limit your themes to at most a handful. Ideally, your case will be based on one central theme. Clutter will dilute your message and confuse the jury.The application of a substantial body of expertise enables counsel to make necessary adjustments early in the discovery process.We help you uncover crucial insights. We clarify the complex. Then we create a visual trial strategy that will powerfully support and win your argument


Respect jurors'

Maximize the persuasiveness of their cases to jurors. You know the arguments: the civil justice system is nothing more than a lottery; plaintiffs are all manipulators of the system whose sole objective is to get rich; all plaintiff attorneys are scummy individuals preying on injured victims for a fee. plaintiff's counsel needs to be much more careful about what we say, particularly at the outset of a trial. The bottom line here is that we now try to do everything possible not to be a "stereotypical plaintiff's attorney" and to avoid having any juror resist us - just because we represent the plaintiff. A calm, wise and strategic attorney would likely garner respect from their opponents and judges, not to mention jurors if the case was before a jury.The decision maker whether it is a Judge or Jury each must come to know the lawyer to be competent and prepared.A law firm that has integrity and handles their cases in an ethical manner will always be successful and well-respected.


A jury consists of 12 persons chosen to decide who has a better lawyer

It is an opportunity for the plaintiff lawyer to pose questions to the defendant . It is also an opportunity for the lawyer to challenge the defendant's answers, test his or her resolve, and collect sound bites that are unfavorable to the defense. These sound bites come out in before the jury the jury at trial.credibility is the foundation upon which all of your past actions and forthcoming testimony. All other things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the correct one." Juries want a story. Tell a Chronological Story . information presented in a storytelling format is more persuasive than information that not. Start strong and end strong.The better lawyer is the one with the most persuasive message. A jury consists of 12 persons chosen to decide who has a better lawyer." --- Robert Frost

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