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Stopping Sexual Harassment - The First Step to Take

Posted by attorney Robert Ottinger

If you are being sexually harassed at work, the first thing to do is ask the company for help. If you don't tell the company about the sexual harassment and ask them to stop it, then you could be barred from suing the company.

The law requires sexual harassment victims to first give the company a chance to stop the harassment. If you tell the company about the sexual harassment and they still don't help you, then it is time to take legal action. Your legal case will be stronger if you can prove that you asked for help and they ignored you or did not take adequate steps to protect you.

The video explains this further. Also, see the sample letter below that you can use.

Sample Sexual Harassment Letter


Dear __________

Re: Request for Help to Stop Sexual Harassment

I am being sexually harassed at work by ____________. I need your help in stopping the sexual harassment. I am willing to meet immediately with you or another company official to assist you and to provide more information. If I need to contact someone else to get help, please let me know who I should contact immediately.

Thank you.


Your Name

Before sending the above letter, check the company manual to see if the company identifies a person to contact. If the manual does designate a contact person, then address the above letter to that person. You should sign the letter and make several copies and take one home with you and store it in a safe place. Also keep a copy at work if you can. Deliver the letter by scanning a copy and sending it via email if possible so you have clear electronic proof that you sent it. To be safe, cc a copy to another high level human resource person or the company president or CEO. Make sure you send copies to several high level company officials so there is no doubt that the company was aware of your request for help. Also, you should hand deliver the letter as well. But make sure you keep a copy of this letter so you can prove that you sent it. If you send it by email, send a copy of the email to your personal email account so you have a safe and secure copy.

If the company does not take action after you send this letter, then you need to take legal action. &nbsp

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