Spinal Pain - Is Surgery Always Necessary?

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Spine injuries can be extremely painful, both physically and also for your claim. Unfortunately, many people suffer spinal pain without adequate documentation. It is much more difficult to diagnose nerve damage than it is a broken bone or even a torn ligament. Because of this, it is often difficult to receive adequate compensation for a spine injury, unless you are diligent.

As any reputable surgeon will tell you, an unfortunate pitfall of spine injuries is that surgery can be very risky. While it is possible that you may recover, you may experience no change and you may come out of surgery worse than you began. When facing spine surgery, it is important to remember that your doctor and your lawyer both make more money the more treatment you receive. Always take control of your own treatment and don’t get surgery under duress or pressure from anyone else. A good rule of thumb with spine surgery is to ask yourself if you are capable of living out your life with the pain you currently feel. If you feel like the pain is too great and it is worth the risk, then get the surgery. Financial considerations should never enter into a spine surgery conversation. Do not get spine surgery to make more money on your claim. It is our duty to protect your interests. If your attorney strongly recommends getting surgery, you should ask to see that attorney’s medical license. If your doctor recommends getting spine surgery, you may consider getting a second opinion just to be sure.

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