Six Tools Used to Collect Child Support

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Child Support Recovery Act

Child Support Recovery Act makes it a federal crime for a person who is obligated to and willfully chooses not to pay child support if the amount owed exceeds $5,000 or extends more than 1 year in arrearages.


Criminal Contempt

Criminal contempt is used to sentence the person who is obligated to pay child support and willfully refuses.


Civil Contempt

Civil contempt is used to enforce a court order. The person who is obligated to and is able to pay child support can choose to pay it or be incarcerated.


Tax Refund

Tax refund proceeds can be used by the state against the person is obligated to pay child support and who owes $500 or more.


Wage Garnishment

Automatic wage withholding (wage garnishment) is used to require an employer to deduct the ordered sum from the person who is obligated to pay child support and to pay the court clerk the amount.


State Licenses

State license renewals, both professional and drivers licenses, can be contingent upon the person obligated to pay child support.

Additional Resources

Above is a list of available options to enforce child support. If a parent needs help with any of the items listed, that parent should contact a lawyer who practices family law.

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