DUI and the Summary Suspension

DUIs are misdemeanor (generally) if it's your first or second case. If it's your third or subsequent, you may be charged with a felony - unless, at the time of your first or second DUI you have no Illinois license, your license was revoked for DUI, or you were suspended due to a previous DUI arrest. DUI law is extremely complex and it is imperative that one seek an experienced lawyer in this area of practice. In addition to the criminal charges, there is also a very harsh civil penalty that normally attaches to an allegation of DUI and that is called the Statutory Summary Suspension. 46 days after you are arrested (generally) is when this suspension begins and can range from 6 months to 3 years depending upon your particular situation. You need to be informed so make the wise choice and retain someone that has that knowledge. New changes in the law coming up this year are the MDDPs (driving permits) that first offenders may obtain....call now to understand this new law!


Aggravated Speeding and Reckless Driving

Effective January 1, 2011, driving 30 - 39 miles over the speed limit is now considered a Class B Misdemeanor. That's correct, a possible criminal record for going 85 in a 55 is now a reality!! If you're faced with this problem, you need an experienced traffic attorney to explain these charges and handle this matter in court to avoid consequences that can affect the rest of your life. For those charged with Reckless Driving (a Class A Misdemeanor) it is important to know that if you enter a plea or stipulate to facts supporting this charge (whether it was alcohol related or not) you cannot receive Court Supervision if you are subsequently charged with a DUI. If you are charged with Reckless Driving, you must be extremely careful before you dispose of your case. One should retain an attorney that is knowledgeable in this area of practice so that your future is protected in the event of a future DUI arrest. Remember, a DUI can happen to anyone, in any profession, at any time!!!