Can You Fire Your Lawyer?

A client has the right to fire his/her/its lawyer at any time for any reason.


Should You Fire Your Lawyer?

This is almost as complex a question is whether you should divorce your spouse. Before firing your lawyer, ask yourself these three questions: First, is the new lawyer likely to do a better job than the old lawyer? Second, is the rift bewteen you and the lawyer irreconcilable? Third, are you the problem, or is the lawyer the problem?


Will the New Lawyer Have Time to Be Prepared For Trial?

A fourth question to ask, in deciding whether to switch attorneys, is whether the new attorney will have time to prepare for trial. If trial is near, and the date cannot be continued, the new attorney could have trouble both getting up to speed on the case, and clearing his/her calendar.



The decision to change lawyers should not be taken lightly. If you lack confidence in your attorney's ability, or have irreconcilable differences that make it impossible to work with him or her, then by all means change attorneys. But try to switch as early in the case as possible so your new attorney will have time to prepare your case properly.