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Should I Use Winter Tires?

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Rasansky

Of all the things that Dallas Fort-Worth is known for, snow isn't really one of them. Even if it does snow, you're not going to be dealing with the types of conditions you would see farther north. There are good reasons to consider having snow tires on your vehicle, however, even if large dumps of snow are not likely to be issues.


DFW does get ice. Ice is one of the most significant hazards on the road and good winter tires can sometimes give you an advantage where traction is concerned. Remember that, if there is a sheet of ice on the road, nothing is going to give you traction. Winter tires, however, do a better job of digging in when the sloppy mess of gravel, salt, sand and ice that causes so many wrecks is present on the highways.


In some areas of the state, particularly if you go on a trip, you'll run into mud during the winter. Sometimes, you'll be dealing with frozen mud that pulls your car around due to the tire ruts in it. To make sure this problem is minimized, winter tires are, again, good ideas. They have better traction than summer tires and make it less likely that you'll end up getting stuck in the mud.


Winter rain storms always carry with them the risk of a freeze. This is when it's a good idea to have winter tires on your vehicle. They can't help if the road is completely iced over, but they can help when the rain is coming down because of their ability to handle more water. It's a good idea to have good cold-weather tires on for this reason. Even when you live in one of the southernmost cities in the US, you have to consider what winter means for your driving!

Road conditions aren't the only hazards in the winter. The sad truth is that some people somehow manage to start driving worse than normal when conditions get worse in terms of weather. Make sure you contact an auto accident attorney if a negligent driver slams into you. They can help you with a rear end collision, a head-on collision or anything in between. If another driver could have stopped an accident simply by doing what could reasonably be expected of them, you may have a good cause to file a lawsuit and may end up winning compensation.

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