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Should I use a Public Defender?

Posted by attorney William Summers

What does my Lawyer owe me? Does a court appointed lawyer really defend their clients or to just simply, get along with the "System" and basically, not help them at all. Does the state pay them to help prove innocence, rather than just sit back and have the person plead guilty and keep the overburdened Court system moving? There is but one answer, and it is a simple one at that. An Attorney has ONE sole responsibility, and that is to zealously advocate for the best possible outcome for the client, period. If you feel, and you are THE only one allowed to decide, that a Criminal Defense Lawyer, regardless of how compensated, has but that basic principal in mind, demand a conference, ask any questions you want, insist upon clear honesty, then decide if your counsel is in fact effective. You only have the Founding Fathers, the United States Constitution and the Constitutions of ALL fifty states supporting that right.

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