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Should I Take the Test?

Posted by attorney John Hunsucker
Filed under: DUI defense

To Take the Test or not, that is the question?

Every single case is different but as a general rule, it is almost always better to take the test in Oklahoma. However, if you have several convictions for DUI and jail time is more of the concern versus saving your license, then you should not take the test unless you think you will pass it.

If you have no prior arrests for DUI and you are pulled over by a city police officer, taking the test and having a test result of .15 or higher will increase the odds of the charge being filed at the state level versus the city level. (City charges are always better than county charges).

If you decide to take the test, immediately after taking the test, politely ask for a blood test and tell the officer you will pay for it. Do not let them change your mind by saying it won't matter or that it will be expensive and unnecessary.

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