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Should I Fight A Traffic Ticket With A Lawyer?

Posted by attorney James Layrisson

Most people never consider fighting a traffic ticket. However, hiring a lawyer to challenge your citation can result in saving your time, money, and driver’s license. The odds of success are high and the process is private, quick, and easy.

Many folks facing a ticket think, “Why don’t I just pay the fine and get it over with?" This is an option, of course, but remember that payment of the fine is an admission of guilt. If you pay the ticket, you will automatically be convicted of the charge and that violation will stay on your driving record for years.

A traffic ticket conviction could cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. Fines and court costs are just the beginning. Moving violations like speeding result in auto insurance rate hikes that could last for years. Drivers with prior violations pay even more. Often, a reasonable attorney fee for fighting your ticket is only a fraction of the cost of otherwise paying the fine, court costs, and increased insurance premiums.

A traffic violation could also put your driver's license at risk. Each conviction adds points to your driving record which could result in the suspension of your standard license or CDL. Hiring an attorney to fight your ticket could save your license (and in many cases, your job).

Finally, a traffic ticket could result in wasted time, anxiety, and aggravation. Paying or fighting a ticket by yourself often requires time-consuming trips to the city or parish courthouse. This voyage can caused missed work and lost wages. Moreover, waiting in long lines or in courtrooms crowded with strangers and an imposing judge can be stressful and aggravating. Hiring a lawyer to fight your tickets takes only a few moments online or by phone and usually allows you to avoid the courthouse altogether.

In the overwhelming majority of traffic cases my firm has handled, the charges were either dismissed or reduced to a non-moving violation that would not disturb insurance rates. Moreover, these results were achieved without requiring my clients to appear in court. Thus, based on my experience, it's usually a good idea to hire an attorney to fight your traffic ticket.

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