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Shoplifting Charges: Man Hides TV in Baggy Pants

Posted by attorney Jeremy Geigle

21-year-old Eric Lee King likes to wear baggy pants. However, he doesn’t wear them for the style; he wears them so he can stuff unpaid merchandise in them, such as 19-inch televisions.

As King was exiting a store in Eagan, MN, he dropped a box of candy. An officer noticed and tried to get King’s attention as he walked through the parking lot. The officer then observed how strangely King was walking: he was not bending his knees and was holding on to the front of his pants to keep them from falling. The officer caught up to King and searched him. Sure enough, a TV, remote control, and power cords were pulled from the man’s britches.

King was charged with misdemeanor shoplifting.

Arizona law states that a person commits shoplifting if, while in an establishment in which merchandise is displayed for sale, the person knowingly obtains such goods of another with the intent to deprive that person of such goods by:

  1. Removing any of the goods from the immediate display or from any other place within the establishment without paying the purchase price; or

  2. Charging the purchase price of the goods to a fictitious person or any person without that person’s authority; or

  3. Paying less than the purchase price of the goods by some trick or artifice such as altering, removing, substituting, or otherwise disfiguring any label, price tag, or marking; or

  4. Transferring the goods from one container to another; or

  5. Concealment.

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