Sentencing if you are Convicted of a DUI-DWI

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Each state has minimum and maximum sentencing on all DUI-DWI cases

The minimum and maximum sentence for your state depends on whether this is your first DUI-DWI conviction. If you are a repeat offender, the minimum sentence will be more lengthy than if a first offender.


Either a Judge or the Jury will Sentence You

The judge or jury often has some discretion as to how much jail time to give you. The facts of each case and your record determine sentencing. The sentence you will receive for a DUI-DWI conviction will almost invariably include jail time, mandatory attendance of a DUI-DWI school, a fine, and a number of hours of community service.


New Legislation in Many States now Requires Interlock Devices

In the past decade, due to new legislation mandating tougher sentencing, alcohol and drug assessment and treatment, plus a possible ignition interlock device are also often part of a sentence.

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