Sample Questions - Part 1

1. How do you know your spouse? 2. How did you enter the United States? 3. How many people live in your house? 4. On whose name is the rental agreement? 5. Who wakes up first in the morning? 6. What did you eat yesterday? 7. Tell us what you intend to do in the future. 8. Did you marry your spouse so that he/she can get immigration status? 9. Where is the coffee machine in the house? 10. Did you meet through the internet?


Sample Questions - Part 2

11. Did your spouse pay you to get married with him or her? 12. What color is the bedsheet? 13. Who takes shower first? 14. Have you ever taken shower together? 15. If we send someone to your house right now, will we see his/her cloth in your room? 16. Do you have any children with someone else during the marital relationship? 17. Where does your spouse keep his/her shoes? 18. We have proof that this is a sham marriage? What do you have to say about this? 19. What was the last gift you gave to your spouse?