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Sample List of Documents for Marriage Based Case.

Posted by attorney Javier Pineda
  1. Joint income tax returns. Married couples can file a joint income tax return even if only one was working and even if married for only part of the year.

  2. Joint bank accounts. Checking account and savings account statements; retirement and brokerage accounts: and other financial accounts.

  3. Birth certificates or adoption decrees of all children from the current marriage.

  4. Marriage certificates and final divorce decrees for all previous marriages.

  5. Photographs of the couple together; with family and friends at the wedding, other social and business functions throughout the relationship.

  6. Driver’s licenses, credit cards, employment I.D. cards, and club membership cards, showing the married name of wife or the marital address.

  7. Apartment lease in either names or a letter from the management confirming that joint occupancy or evidence of joint ownership of a house (closing documents).

  8. Life, medical, health and auto insurance naming the spouse as the insured or beneficiary.

  9. Photos of family events.

  10. Civil and religious marriage certificates, if applicable.

  11. Utility bills such as; electric, gas, cable TV, telephone or cell phone bills in both names or in individual names at the marital address.

  12. Evidence of major purchases made together; such as an automobile television, computer, home appliances (refrigerator, washer &dryer); receipt or contract in both names.

  13. Evidence of travel together; tickets, itinerary, reservations, event documents and photos.

This advice is only general in nature. It is not a substitute for independent legal advice. It should not be construed as legal advice. Each case is different and requires an individual evaluation.

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