Contact a Lawyer and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Many lawyers have busy schedules which may make it difficult to get into see them immediately. However, many lawyers will make concessions and take great efforts to schedule an appointment with them as as soon as possible due to the fact that they too should recognized the time sensitive nature of investigating your case as soon as possible. Do not delay!


Preserve any information related to the charge.

Any documents and information that may be related to the charge could ultimately assist your lawyer in successfully defending you. In some cases, it may be wise to write down the events as soon as possible while they are fresh in your memory. However, one should be careful to make sure this written material is kept confidential.


Determine Resources

Hiring a skilled lawyer can be very expensive. Consider how much you may be able to budget for hiring a lawyer. Many times trying to find the cheapest lawyer is not necessarily the best move, as many experienced lawyers can be more expensive than those with less experience. Of course each situation is different, but under many circumstances more qualified legal representation is often more expensive. Consider friends, family and others as potential support during this time. A conviction can had longlasting negative consequences that may be much more expensive than any money you may save up front by hiring a less experienced or less focused lawyer.


Find a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable.

Most importantly, spend time with you lawyer before you hire him or her. This is a very important decision and you should feel comfortable with whomever you hire. Your lawyer should be willing to spend time with you in order to get to know you and your unique circumstances in order to be able to address your problem or charge in the best manner. Be hesitant to hire someone who will not discuss your situation with you in detail.