10 Days of Arrest

That notice, whether you get it or not, tells you that your NM drivers license was taken and that you may drive with this Notice in hand. If you request a hearing through MVD within ten days of your arrest, then you may continue driving on the Notice until you have your MVD hearing and receive your results in the mail


Failure to Request MVD Hearing within 10 Days

If you do NOT request the MVD hearing in time, you have a total of 20 days after your arrest in which to drive with the Notice. After 20 days, you no longer have permission to drive in New Mexico. Once your license has been revoked, your only choices is not to drive or apply for an Interlock License and install an Interlock Device in your car. If an officer pulls you over after 20 and you do not have both an Interlock License and an Interlock Device installed in the car you happen to be driving, you will be arrested for Driving on a Revoked License and will have to serve a minimum of 4 consecutive days in jail. Many judges take Driving on a Revoked very seriously, even though you were sober for this second arrest, and send people to jail for weeks at a time.