What if you want to move?

If you have any order finding paternity, or an older Final Judgement that gives you primary residence, you still must follow this law and give notice in writing to the other parent of your intention to relocate the child.


What if I don't follow the law?

Even if you do not know about, understand, or agree with the law, it applies. This means that judges are making parents send kids back to Florida to the non custodial parent in some situations.


What if the other parent gives permission or doesn't?

If the other parent gives you permission, it is safest to get it in writing and file it in any child related court files. If they do not agree to the move, you need to hire a lawyer to help you get temporary permission to move and then there may still be a longer trial on the issue later.


What do judges look at to decide if I can move?

Judges look at the reason for the move. If it is economical, they want to see that the child's financial situation will also improve. They look at quality of life issues, including schools and other family connections there. They also look at what type of contact schedule can be substituted so that the parent here does not lose too much quality time. Your willingness to pay for your child's visits back to Florida can make the difference.