Reinstating my Texas Driver's License

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Why can't I just get it reinstated?

Unless you request a hearing in the short time period allocated by Texas DPS (in the letter telling you your DL is being suspended) - then you can't really do anything to get it reversed or reinstated. OKAY... so now what? Well, you can go to the DPS website and see when the date the DL suspension will be over and you can wait until then. You will need to be up to date on all of your surcharges before DPS will reinstate you, even once that date comes along.


What will I do in the meantime?

You can try to get an Occupational Driver's License. These are typically filed by an attorney who will file it in either the criminal clerk's office or the civil clerk's office, depending on the basis for the original suspension. You will likely need additional insurance, called SR22 insurance and proof of your regular insurance as well. The filing fees alone are around $225 - so this can be a costly venture. This is not easily done alone - and there are not a lot of attorneys around who handle these cases.

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