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Reimbursing Medicare, Medicaid, or other Government Agency in your Personal Injury Case

Posted by attorney David Henson

If you have Medicare, North Carolina Medicaid, Federal Employees Health Insurance, VA Benefits, or any other government health insurance insurance, then you need to watch this video. Government agencies require repayment of some or all of the money they lay out for your health care after a personal injury. When your settlement dollars come in, you need to be aware that each government agency will get paid back in doiffernt ways, and through differnt formulas. You need to make sure that each of them is paid back correctly, in the right order, and in the right amount, or you can get in big trouble quickly, including the loss of benefits, civil penalties and even criminal penalties if the agencies are not paid correctly.

In this video, David Henson of HensonFuerst Attorneys talks about this complex issue, in clear and understandable language.

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