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Raw (Live) Foods, Nutrition, & Healing the Body from an Accident | San Diego Injury Lawyer MCB

Posted by attorney Mark Blane

This video talks about taking responsibility about what we eat - nutrition is probably 90% of the secrets to longevity and healing from disease or trauma (accident, slip and fall, auto crash). I have noticed over the years that some of my injured clients have had an underlying inflammatory medical condition that was pre-existing at the time of their accident. I also noticed that medical doctors were not very proactive in directing them with the nutritional aspects of what they needed to be doing. I am not a licensed medical doctor, and this is not medical advice, but I know from both personal experience and practical experience that the healthier a diet is in the body the faster and more efficiently the body will heal itself from injuries sustained from an accident or trauma. So too will underlying pre-existing medical conditions that may have weakened a particular body part or body system. So you definitely get more than you bargained for when you make a healthy diet priority in your life. There is no "selective healing" when it comes to proper nutrition - the body will start healing itself as an entire system instead of a compartmental system. This has been documented by various nutrition experts through-out the years. Feel free to explore this area of my website to obtain answers to frequently asked questions on how nutrition and injury are abundantly related, and why it is important to raise your awareness in this regard. If you have any questions, feel free to pick up the telephone and call me directly at (619) 813-7955. For more information see:

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