Property Damaged by Hurricane Sandy? You May Be Entitled to Property Tax Relief!

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Does my property qualify?

Any property owners in New Jersey who have suffered substantial damages to their real property as a result of Hurricane Sandy should be entitled to tax relief pursuant to New Jersey law. According to N.J.S.A. 54:4-35.1, ANY any parcel of real property containing a building or other structure destroyed, demolished or altered in such a way that its value has "materially depreciated" by the action of a storm, which depreciation occurred after October 1 in any year and before January 1 of the following year, shall be revalued by the assessor upon proper notice of that material depreciation provided by the property owner.


How do I request the reduction if my property qualifies?

On or before January 10, 2013, send a notice/letter to the Municipal Tax Assessor in your town. Be sure to include the name of the owner, as it appears on the property tax bill, the block and lot as well as the street address. *The letter should be sent via certified mail/return receipt requested and regular mail or by hand delivery. *Be certain to keep a copy of the notice and a record of delivery. *If upon receipt of the new assessment (which should be on or before February 1, 2013) you are not satisfied with the new valuation, you may want to consider filing a tax appeal on or before April 1, 2013.


What should the notice to the tax assessor say?

The notice can be worded as you wish, but it should, at a minimum, include the following information: *Advise the assessor that you are the owner(s) of the property. Include the lot and block and street address. *Inform the assessor that the building and/or other structures located on the property have suffered "material depreciation" as a result of the recent storms. *List and itemize all damage or other conditions, including physical damage and/or inability to inhabit the structures *Request that, in accordance N.J.S.A. 54:4-35.1, the assessor you make the appropriate adjustment to our assessment as of January 1, 2013.


When will I hear back?

You should receive a response, with your 2013 property tax assessment information, on or about February 1, 2013. However, it is possible that the tax assessor may need to inspect the property prior to that time, so be sure to cooperate to allow the assessor to properly perform his or her job. If you request a reduction and are not satisfied with the result after receiving your response, you can file a tax appeal on the assessment on or before April 1, 2013.

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