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Posted November 24, 2012

Explore paid advertising options

Advertising can take many forms, with advantages and disadvantages to each medium. At least consider this option. Don't dismiss advertising because it costs money. It can also make you money. Develop a Web site for your firm

Create a media kit containing the pertinent information that reporters and editors will need for publicity opportunities

A media kit is a collection of key information that conveys to members of the media who you are, what you do, and why they should care. In addition to including relevant content, your media kit should support the consistent identity of your organization.Microsoft Publisher makes it easy to put together a simple yet professional media kit. You just have to collect a few items that you can create yourself with Publisher, such as: A cover letter A brochure A press release Business cards Your company mission and history Biographies and credentials of key personnelIt doesn't have to be fancy, but it does have to be clean, attractive, and relevant.

Submit articles to newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and Web sites that contain your Web and e-mail address in the

There are hundreds of article directories available for free online articles submission. However, each articles directory varies in terms of benefits to the users. Some accept even poor quality content, while other directories are strict and approve only the quality online articles. There are several benefits of using a reputed directory for authors, publishers and marketers. Chose quality article submission platforms to find and submit your quality online articles and get back links. Make sure you choose the articles directory that offers quick submission and approval for your content.

Expand your Web site content

If you don't have a Facebook and Twitter management strategy, you are missing out on the abundant benefits of social media marketing. Some of us are on social media networks consistently throughout the day, reading posts from friends, family, and companies we care about.Improve your law firm's visibility and website's ranking.

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