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Overtime Pay for Computer, IT and High Tech Workers

Posted by attorney Robert Ottinger

Many IT and high tech workers are entitled to overtime pay. Our law firm currently represents hundreds of IT and high tech workers who are owed millions in unpaid overtime.

If you work in IT or the high tech industry, how can you tell if you are entitled to overtime pay? The video above explains the basics.

IT and hight tech workers who install, maintain, repair and support computer hardware and software systems are often entitled to overtime pay.

Key factors that indicate an IT or high tech worker is entitled to overtime pay:

  • Required to follow company procedures, guidelines or protocols in performing daily work

  • Maintains computer systems.

  • Work under company supervision and guidelines

  • Perform repetitive tasks

Examples of job titles that have been found to be entitled to overtime pay:

  • Help Desk Workers

  • Network Engineers

  • System Administrators

  • IT Specialists

  • Systems Analysts

  • System Move Coordinators

  • Business System Consultants

Not all IT and high tech workers are entitled to overtime pay. Generally, high level workers who operate independently and are not required to follow company procedures are not entitled to overtime pay. For example, those who design and select computer systems, or who regularly use creativity to develop products or solve problems are exempt from overtime pay.

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