What to say to the police officer?

If it is obvious the police officer is going to write you a ticket, say as little as possible. Answer his questions politely, but don't volunteer any information. Even if you think some of the officer's questions are none of his business, answer them anyway. Never admit that you have been drinking or using drugs. Many times if you have been speeding, but are polite, the police officer will cite you for a lower speed than what he actually caught on radar. If you argue, he will cite you for everything he can possibly think of and won't give you any break.


Sign the citation

By signing the citation, you are not admitting guilt, just acknowledging your receipt of the ticket. Don't argue. It's not worth fighting about and it will only anger the officer.


Pay attention to the date set on your ticket

You must deal with your ticket on or before the date set on your citation. Do not simply pay the fine for the moving violation (for speeding, running red light, not paying full attention, etc.). If you do that, not only will you be out a lot of money, you will have "points" on your driver's license.


Why are "points" such a big deal?

If you get points on your driver's license, the points are reported to your auto insurance company and it is likely that your insurance rates will increase or that your insurance company will decide you are too big of a risk and they may not want to re-insure you. If you get too many points, the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) can take away your driver's license.


How do I avoid "points"?

Hire a lawyer to take your ticket to court. Nearly every moving violation gets reduced to a "parking ticket" with no points. Paying a bigger fine/administrative assessment is better than points on your driver's license. Most Las Vegas attorneys charge between $75-$125 to take your ticket to court. It is well worth the money. Another way to avoid points is to attend traffic school. In Nevada, you can attend traffic school once a year and have up to 3 points removed from your driving record.


Do I really need a lawyer?

Sometimes, but not always. If you don't value your time or have the time and desire to wait at the courthouse for an hour, or two or three until they call your number to come to the counter, then you don't need a lawyer. If you hate waiting or work and can't take time off from work to sit around and wait, then it is best to hire a lawyer.


Will the Court give me time to pay?

Yes, the court will set you up on a payment plan or the lawyer will arrange a payment plan with the judge.


What happens if I don't stick with the payment plan or ignore my ticket?

A bench warrant will issue for your arrest.


With all of the crime in Las Vegas, do they really arrest people for outstanding traffic ticket warrants?

YES!!! Take care of the problem in the beginning and avoid bigger problems down the road.