Why use or pay for an attorney when you or your brother-in-law or your best friend is a great haggler?

As your fiduciary, your agent has to put your interests first and is not emotionally attached. The seller can sense that you really want this purchase, but your agent is not afraid to walk away or negotiate a better price or better terms of the contract. What if you, your friend, or your relative is a great haggler? That's great, but are they an attorney too? Does your brother-in-law, or best friend want to read the fine print, and can they understand it? Do they know where to go to see if there are any liens or encumbrances on this big ticket item? Wait, what about the environmental regulations, easements, assessments, equitable servitudes, historical records, customs, bills of lading, commercial paper, or taxes due? Who is responsible if it is damaged in transit to its final destination? Did you account for the fees that no one told you about for licensing and registration? Is there a tax write-off available? What if the seller hired an attorney and you didn't?


Do you NEED an attorney to make a purchase for you? That is relative.

The point is this: your excited and you really want this, so are you thinking clearly, or is your mind just saying, "buy, buy, buy!" If something goes wrong, do you want to have an attorney, or a company who uses an attorney and has insurance, or are you willing to cover the costs or losses yourself? If this is such a big purchase for you, maybe your lifelong dream, isn't better to be safe than sorry? Attorneys hire attorneys all the time. If I buy a home, sure, I could write the deed myself and search the county records to make sure that I'm really buying from the true owner, but do I really want to? If you approach the salesman about that fishing boat or cabin cruiser you always wanted or that abandoned restaurant you've always wanted to make your own, don't expect him to offer you a discount or tell you EVERYTHING. Do you think Donald Trump negotiates his own real estate purchases? I bet he doesn't. . . and if he does, I'm very sure he has attorneys double check everything first.