GERD - How it Can Alter Your Breath Test

The impact on breath testing is whether alcohol erupting from the stomach into the mouth from gastric reflux (generally a silent response) poses a problem with accurate breath testing during a 20-minute deprivation period. Research has been minimal to nonexistent on this issue. Research conducted to try to mimic gastric reflux is problematic because of a very small non-representative population (ten people or less) sample, and some researchers used a compression belt to invoke eruption, in contrast to spontaneous and natural eruption.


Common Sense Problem with Breath Tests

Any parent can remember feeding a child at, say, 6:00 P.M., only to have that child get sick and vomit carrots and peas at 10:00 P.M. If a child can upchuck carrots and peas hours later, doesn't it stand to reason that an adult can still have alcohol in the air in his/her stomach hours later?