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Obey Court Orders

Andrew Ben Boyer

Written by

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Joliet, IL

Posted February 02, 2013

In a divorce case property or visitation matters that are agreed upon or decided by a Judge become court orders. A court order is an order entered by a Judge that has authority over your person and that of your spouse.

A finding by the court that a party failed to comply with a court order without compelling cause or justification will result in civil or criminal contempt of court. Often the burden of proof is on you to show why you should not be held in contempt. A finding of contempt may result in a jail sentence or fine or both.

In addition, in every proceeding for the enforcement of a court order when the court finds that the failure to comply with the order was without compelling cause or justification, the court must order the party against whom the proceeding is brought to pay promptly the costs and reasonable attorney's fees of the spouse’s attorney. In my experience such awards of attorney fees are seldom less than $1,000.

It is important that you obey all court orders if you do not understand the order seek the advice of an attorney.

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