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§ 15A-1114. Hearing procedure for infractions.

(a) Jurisdiction. – Jurisdiction for the adjudication and disposition of infractions is as specified in G.S. 7A-253 and G.S. 7A-271(d).

(b) No Trial by Jury. – In adjudicatory hearings for infractions, no party has a right to a trial by jury in district court.

(c) Infractions Heard in Civil or Criminal Session. – A district court judge may conduct proceedings relating to traffic infractions in a civil or criminal session of court, unless the infraction is joined with a criminal offense arising out of the same transaction or occurrence. In such a case, the criminal offense and the infraction must be heard at a session in which criminal matters may be heard.

(d) Pleas. – A person charged with an infraction may admit or deny responsibility for the infraction. The plea must be made by the person charged in open court, unless he submits a written waiver of appearance which is approved by the presiding judge, or, if authorized by G.S. 7A-146, he waives his right to a hearing and admits responsibility for the infraction in writing and pays the specified penalty and costs.

(e) Duty of District Attorney. – The district attorney is responsible for ensuring that infractions are calendared and prosecuted efficiently.

(f) Burden of Proof. – The State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person charged is responsible for the infraction unless the person admits responsibility.

(g) Recording Not Necessary. – The State does not have to record the proceedings at infraction hearings. With the approval of the court, a party may, at his expense, record any proceeding. (1985, c. 764, s. 3.)

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