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North Carolina DWI DUI VEHICLE / Impaired Driving

Posted by attorney F. Powers

Very interesting national report from Huffington Post regarding an allegedly impaired Zamboni Driver. Although clearly a potential danger, one would be remiss in failing to consider several important issues with regard to Driving While Impaired:

  • As it pertains to "impaired driving" is a Zamboni a vehicle?
  • With regarding to a Public Street, Highway or area where vehicles normally operate, would a skating rink fall within the legal defintion?
  • Does it make a difference where the Zamboni drove from or to?

North Carolina has some interesting laws on what is a Public Street, Highway or "Vehicular Area." Clearly the Zamboni itself could qualify as a Motorized Vehicle or conveyance under the statute; in North Carolina, golf carts, stand up scooters and bicylcles have been found to be subject to DWI DUI Laws.

It is somewhat unclear whether the rink iself would qualify under the law.

If the operator, after scraping the ice drove off the rink and into the parking lot to dump the slush, the COULD fall within the purview of the statute.

North Carolina has very complicated and frankly sometimes confusing Driving While Impaired laws. If you, a friend or a family member is in need of legal assistance, please feel free to contact North Carolina DWI Lawyer Bill Powers at: 704-342-4357.

Powers McCartan, pllc

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