If you're worried about signing the contract prior to having an attorney review the offer, don't be! In standard realtor contracts, there's a three-day period known as Attorney Review. Once the offer is accepted by both parties and is provided to all involved in the transaction, the review period begins. Our office will discuss the contract with you to determine if you have any questions or concerns about the transaction. We will make modifications to the contract to better protect you. Don't worry, our changes are standard practice and will not be a "deal-killer." Once an Attorney Review Letter is sent to the Seller's Attorney, the review period is open until there is a meeting of the minds. The Seller's Attorney may accept our letter as written or make modifications. All correspondence will be discussed with you and a copy is always sent to your Realtor so that they may also continue to be a resource for your successful purchase.



Once Attorney Review is concluded, it's time to schedule your home inspection. Your Realtor can help refer you to an inspector and schedule a time to meet. Our office also has a list of professionals that we work closely with. Once you get the report, please send our office a copy. We will review the report to discuss any concerns that you may have and would like the Seller to address. We will send a formal letter with a copy of the report to the Seller's Attorney to negotiate the issues.



If you need to obtain financing for your purchase, our office will work closely with your mortgage company to coordinate the closing. You will have to obtain a Mortgage Commitment, which is a "check list" of outstanding requirements that are needed in order to finalize the financing. Our office will order the title work and will provide same to the Seller's Attorney and your mortgage company. The title work is important because it will insure that there are no liens against the property and if there are, the title will identify any property issues that need to be addressed prior to closing. At this time, we will also order a survey. The survey is important because it will disclose any encroachments that could affect the use of your property. For example, the most commonly encroachment is a mis-located fence. Your neighbor's fence might be just over the property line on your side. This will not affect your use of the property, but it will notify you that the condition exists.



After all of the preparation is done, the day finally comes where you will close on your new home! This is a very busy and exciting time. On the day of closing, you can work with your realtor to schedule a final walk through. The walk through is for you to go over the house one last time to make sure that the Sellers left the property in broom-clean condition and any repairs that were supposed to be made in connection with the home inspection are completed. Our office will receive all of the documents from your mortgage company that need to be signed by you. We will also prepare a settlement statement, which is a break down of all of your closing costs. A closing cost is something that you pay in connection with the purchase. We will provide you with the final amount that needs to be brought to closing. This check must be a bank check made payable to our trust account in order for the funds to be available for immediate disbursement.



After closing, feel free to move into your new home and enjoy! Once our office receives the Deed back from the County, we will send the original deed to you. Approximately two months after closing, your Title Insurance Policy will be mailed to you. Please keep your Deed and Policy in a safe place with all of your other documentation. Dimian & Masterpalo, Attorneys at Law, strive to make your real estate transaction as pleasant and easy as possible. Buying a home shouldn't be hard, and we're here to make it easy.