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New Ideas for the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Rasansky

New Ideas for the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

The options for the treatment of cerebral palsy are constantly increasing in number. As doctors learn more about the brain, the body and about how the injury that causes cerebral palsy affects these systems, new treatment options become available. Further study into existing treatment options has also revealed some surprising things that parents who have children with cerebral palsy will certainly want to know.

Keep it Flexible

Being a scientific field, medicine is always looking for the single best way to do everything. Sometimes, however, it turns out that there is more than one way to get great results from a form of treatment. One of the ways that people treat cerebral palsy is by treating the individual directly. This would include treatments such as giving injections into the muscles, giving massages and giving hot and cold temperature treatments that relax the muscles. These types of treatment options have proven very effective for many people who suffer with cerebral palsy.

The other broad type of treatment is called environmental treatment. This means altering the environment that the person who suffers cerebral palsy lives in or altering your expectations of them in that environment so that you can teach them new skills. This has also proven to be very effective in studies. This means that, as most parents probably suspected already, cerebral palsy treatments have to be tailored to the child and may offer different results depending upon which child they are used on.

Keep Hoping

Science is always discovering fascinating new things about the human body. One of the most significant discoveries that human beings ever made about our body is that some of its systems operate on electricity. Electrical appliances specifically designed to stimulate the muscles and nerves are now used by some people with cerebral palsy to prevent their muscles from having spasms and to make it easier for them to walk.

Scientists have also recently discovered that, contrary to established belief, the brain actually can heal itself. This means that there is the potential for, someday, there to be an actual cure for a brain injury rather than treatments of the symptoms. In the meantime, however, there are some very effective treatments for the symptoms and people with cerebral palsy can live very independent and fulfilling lives, in many cases. While these treatments are very expensive, civil lawsuits and other resources sometimes help parents to provide for their children, particularly in the case where negligence played a role in the injury, in the case of lawsuits.

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