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Need An IRS Problem Solver Chicago

Posted by attorney Steven Leahy

The IRS can be pretty scary. And if you owe them money, there is good reason to be worried. They have lots of means to collect that money from you and they aren't shy about using them.

Unfortunately, some marketers use the fear that is generated by the IRS as a leverage point to sell unsuspecting taxpayers programs that simply don't work. Usually these programs include outrageous promises that you can pay the IRS "just pennies on the dollar."

If you come across one of these programs - BEWARE. While it is possible to get your overall tax debt reduced by the IRS, it is usually not at the dramatic rates that these companies imply, and it won't work for everyone. In addition only 15% of these types of requests actually get approved.

So be careful! These types of programs usually charge big fees and get very few results.

If you are looking for a real IRS problem solver then you need a tax professional. A tax professional can show you the different programs that the IRS has to repay your tax debt. They can even go over bankruptcy, among other options, and help you determine what would be the best fit.

If you are looking for help with the IRS, don't wait, IRS problems only get worse with time. Call Opem Tax Resolution - The Law Office of Steven A. Leahy, PC (312) 664-6649. Call Now to schedule your FREE 1 hour Consultation!

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