The Petition

First you need to file a petition for change of name that includes the following: A. The child's current name and residence. B. Why the name change is being requested. C. The full name you are requesting for the child. D. Whether there is a court order regarding the child and whether that court has continuing exclusive jurisdiction over the case. E. Whether the child is required to register as a sex offender. F. If the child is over ten years old, the child's written consent must be attached to the petition


Filing and Serving the Petition

The petition should be filed in the district court where the child resides and it must be served an all parents whose parental rights have not been terminated. You will also need to set a hearing date and time to have the judge sign the order.


The Hearing and Order

At the hearing you will need to prove everything that is stated in the petition. Additionally you will need to prove that you served all parties who need to be served, that all parties either agree to the change or that they are have been given notice of the hearing if they wish to testify against the name change. You will also need to prove that the name change is in the child's best interest. You will also need to present an order reflecting all the above info to the judge to sign.