What should I do with the Notice?

Keep the notice. You are listed in the papers because you have a cliam to possession of the property (tennant) and you have rights.


Call the landlord.

Your first contact should be a calm telephone call to the landlord asking them what this is about and what you can expect in the near future. If the landlords company filed bankruptcy then you may have nothing to worry about other then paying your rent.


What if it is a foreclosure?

You will be listed in the foreclosure paperwork because you are a tennant, however, you do not want a judgment of foreclosure filed against you with the court. You should contact the attorney who is listed in the papers who is suing the landlord for foreclosure and ask (by telephone and in writing!) that you be removed from the judgment and the order!


Who should I pay rent to, if at all?

When you are a tenant and the property you live in is in foreclosure, or the landlord has filed bankruptcy you need to keep a couple of things in mind. First, while the landlord is on the Deed the landlord owns the property. Second, a foreclosure lawsuit does not mean that the landlord will lose the property in foreclosure. The bank may not follow through or the landlord may salvage the property. As long as the Landlord is on the Deed they own the property and can collect rent. Third, many times a landlord will file a bankruptcy to restructure the financing of the property. They are still the landlord.


Can I be evicted?

As long as the landlord is on the Deed they can act to evict you. When the landlord is no longer the owner of the property you will be contacted by the new owner.