Mortgage Fraud Prosecutions in Federal Court

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Florida Mortgage Fraud Filings are Skyrocketing.

Nationally, CNBC reported that Mortgage Fraud Filings, mostly in Federal Courts are Skyrocketing. Bank Fraud is "rampant and getting bigger by the day." There have been 1.4 billion in losses reported. New filings are to top 70,000 cases nationally in 2009.


Middle District of Florida May be the Epicenter

Filings from the US Attorney's Office in Tampa, Florida for White Collar prosecutions will rise as Federal authorities will put more effort into white collar prosecutions. Fort Myers, Florida was recently mentioned at a Federal Criminal Defense Seminar as the Epicenter of the mortgage meltdown Federal Prosecutions.


Federal Prison for Bank Fraud

In the Middle District of Florida, Judge James D. Whittemore has presided over at least one bank fraud case. At sentencing, according to a local media report, he called one individual convicted of bank fraud "a good example of why we are in an economic crisis," the United States District Judge then sentenced a Florida house flipper to 13 months in prison for lying on applications for loans. Source:

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