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Mike Gruhin Will Change Your Life - Ohio Workers' Compensation Specialist Attorney

Posted by attorney Michael Gruhin

Mike Gruhin will change your life!

He took a case that was old and very mistreated from two previous attorneys and turned it around to help me receive payment again for temporary total and he also got additional allowances for conditions that should have been dealt with years ago.

My name Rhonda and I originally was injured in two thousand and five and my employer didn't have an issue with accepting my injury but through time they decided I didn't have depression and depression and it is something that most people probably don't realize that is connected with an injury because you're depressed that you have to deal with the forms that worker's comp sends you, the run around you get, they make you feel guiltier than you already do that you've got injured at work.

So I went through two attorneys before I found Attorney Gruhin and he changed my life.

He made it so that I did have a psychological condition added and the psychological condition that was added helped me seek medical treatment that I need and I'm very very happy with Mike Gruhin.

The first time you now with me, he sat down with me for two hours and went through every document of my case. He asked me questions about how I actually felt and treatment I had a really received. So, I am on my way to recovery because of Attorney Gruhin and today, I received a check that definitely saved my life, my house, and Mike Gruhin is a life saver.

And I would recommend him to anyone and that wants to feel better and live a

more valued life.

** Mike Gruhin has represented thousands of Ohio Injury Victims. As a matter of fact, Mike has written The Ohio Workers’ Compensation Guide. Feel free to download your copy, which is available with no obligation and at no cost. **

** Call Mike Gruhin, The Comp Specialist, to discuss any aspect of an Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim. Act now, Call now ! The call is free and the information is free. **

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