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Meeting of Creditors

Posted by attorney Kevin Cortright
Filed under: Bankruptcy petition

he meeting of the creditors also called the 341A hearing is nothing to fear. The meeting is normally scheduled 45 days after the filing of the bankruptcy petition. The meeting is usually held in the Federal courthouse. It is normally held in a room, not an actual court room, so you do not need to fear seeing the judge. The meeting is conducted by a the bankruptcy trustee who has previously reviewed your bankruptcy petition.

Creditors rarely attend the meeting even though it is the primary purpose of the meeting. If your creditor does show up they will be given a very short period of time to ask you questions. The main question they will have is regarding the collateral that they gave you with the loan obtained from them. The most common creditor to show up is that of vehicles if you have not been making the payments or already surrendered the vehicle.

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