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Medical Malpractice Surgical Infections

Posted by attorney Mitchell Sexner

Infections, whether contracted during surgery, contracted during admittance to a hospital/nursing home, or contracted elsewhere but treated improperly, are always an important health and safety concern. Prompt medical attention is vital for any infection, including Staph, MRSA, C-Diff or other. Whether involving a hospital, nursing or assisted living facility, an infection may rapidly spread throughout the patient's body and even spread from one patient to another. Because many patients are in poor physical health, serious injury or death may result under some circumstances.

Patients are admitted to hospitals and nursing homes to recuperate from a wide variety of ailments and surgeries, only to develop an infection, which can significantly set their recover back. Unfortunately there are many circumstances where a well trained staff and a basic standard of care could have prevented such a devastating event. Whenever a serious infection such as this has occurred, a proper investigation may be in order.

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