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Massachusetts Evictions: Estimated Timelines and Expenses

Posted by attorney John O'Donohue

Massachusetts is notoriously a difficult jurisdiction for landlords. Why does everyone say that?

The answer is simple. Evictions can last forever and the process can become quite complex. Approximate timelines and estimated costs for each stage of an eviction are outlined below:

Notice to Quit Stage

  • Timeline: 7-61 days
  • Expense: $5 – $50 for service (plus costs of counsel)

Complaint Stage

  • Timeline: 1 month+ (for a default judgment)
  • Expense: $140-$200 filing fee (plus costs of counsel)

Contested Evictions

  • Timeline: 2-24 months
  • Variables: Venue, parties, bench/jury trial, and competency of counsel

  • Expense: hours and hours of time OR attorneys fees and costs

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