What is "No Pay, No Play"?

Louisiana drivers are required by law to carry liability insurance. The penalty for not carrying insurance is the driver is precluded from recovering the first 25,000 of his property damages and the first 15,000 of his personal injuries. So even if the other driver is totally at fault recovery for the initial portion of damages can be a major problem. This is called the "No Pay No Play" law. Any damages exceeding these amounts are fully recoverable.


But did i really not have insurance at the time of the accident?

However it's not uncommon to find a person did indeed have insurance coverage even if they think they did not. There are strict requirements for cancellation of insurance policies and it's not uncommon for us to find a policy wasn't properly cancelled even if the person knows they stopped paying and thinks they no longer had insurance. Best advice is to consult an experienced area attorney to look into these issues for you. Typically there is no charge for a consultation.