License Suspension From Illegal Transportation of Alcoholic Beverage

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Hi, I'm Bill Powers of Powers/McCartan, and being based primarily in Charlotte, we get calls from people that may have driven across the North and South Carolina lines, regarding transportation or illegal transportation of certain beverages. Now, you don't have to necessarily just cross the state line to get one of these citations, you may actually get suspended by the Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles, under Chapter 20, Section 16, Subsection 8, and that reads that if you've been convicted of illegal transportation of an alcoholic beverage, you can have your license suspended in North Carolina. Now, if you buy a bunch of liquor in North Carolina, especially at ABC facility, you actually have to fill out a permit and they want to know where you are going to, and how far, and how much alcohol you have. Well, if you got one of these tickets, please give us a call right away because you don't want to get that letter later on from the Department of Motor Vehicles thinking well, it wasn't that big of a ticket and all of a sudden I've lost my license. The consultation is always free as well as confidential at Powers/McCartan.

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