What does "can't afford" really mean?

Many people say they "can't afford an attorney" when what they really mean is "it will cost money that I am not willing to spend to hire an attorney". This is your Life and Freedom on the line here. Take it seriously. Sell off jewelry, collectibles, and electronics. (If you go to jail you won't need them!)


What can you do on a limited budget?

Many people drive newer cars, have cable T.V., X-Box and Wii, Cell Phones with extra gadgets, and new clothing/shoes that all cost money but they get arrested and then say they have "no money". If you have an income you have some options. 1) drop cable, 2) downgrade the phone to pay as you go, 3) ride a bike, carpool, or take a bus and save the car note and the insurance payment. If you have an income you should seriously consider paying for an attorney as the investment in your future that it is.


Any other source's to obtain money?

In a word YES if you have a network of friends or family ask for loans or donations. Get "early inheritance" or Christmas/Birthday presents as cash now. Sell them your Games and Gadgets. A valuable source to obtain money (friends or family loans) can be tapped in emergencies--- this is an emergency! There are attorneys who accept payment by Credit Cards. Don't be shy when it comes to your life these are the people that are supposed to be there for you.


How much do I really need anyway?

Have you called local attorneys and asked for their fee schedule? Many attorneys have very reasonable fees and are willing to work with you. There are attorneys that will accept payment plans or If you plan on pleading to a lesser charge ask the attorney can you pay by the hour --- 10 hours or so and your done. If you know it will be long and drawn out ask for a flat or all inclusive fee. Don't say you can't afford something you never took the time to price.